Evaluation and Analysis

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We are available to help with all aspects of evaluation and analysis in the industrial sector. 

Our teams’ professionals form a detailed and complete understanding of your structural drawings and sketches. We assist you in eliminating risks and increasing the predictability of your structural engineering services. A combination of strong engineering design skills and technical knowledge helps our team detect flaws and problem areas and work with you to deliver efficient and functional structural designs.

Structural analysis is used to predict the behavior of structures and find the reactions, stresses, and deformations of structures by taking the structure's geometry, support conditions, material properties, loads, and other factors into account.

We believe in enhancing the value of structural engineering services through efficient use of our technology assets. Select Structural possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure and uses a variety of structural engineering analysis software to manage the diverse needs of different clients.  We also use Revit to model our projects in 3D.  We have the capability to use laser scan point clouds to check new installations for interference to avoid problems during construction.