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Select Structural Engineering is utilizing two of today's more advanced 3D software packages (Revit 3D and RISA 3D) to bring a higher quality and more cost effective product to our clients. Autodesk Revit 3D allows us to be BIM ready for any project.

3D modeling gives the client a more in-depth overall package of the project at hand while accuracy and detail reach a new level of perfection with real-time design and coordination.  Using the next generation in software we serve our clients with optimal designs and innovative ideas. Specializing in the commercial, industrial, and multifamily residential sectors, our highly skilled professional team works together using practical experience and a common sense approach.

Advantages for using Revit:

Improved collaboration between disciplines
Much less revisions and fewer change orders
Greater understanding of the project for all parties
Project estimating and takeoffs are more accurate
Faster project turnaround times
Fewer RFI requests as well as fewer job site clarification issues