Here at Select Structural Engineering we pride ourselves at offering safe, efficient and practical design solutions for our clients.

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Who We Are

Select Structural Engineering is a multifaceted structural engineering firm designed from the inside out to deliver optimum execution and delivery of our clients design needs. We always prioritize our company's core values of, safety, practicality and efficiency.  


Here at SSE safety means that with our delivered service you can count on a structure that meets or exceeds the safety measures dictated by code or local measures. 


Practicality of a design is a constantly pursued value here at SSE. We know that that the real cost savings are refined, through intelligent designs, here in order to bring the construction costs to a minimum. Our designs allow for contractors to easily fabricate and assemble the structure in way the cuts down on time in the field thereby overall costs.


Select Structural Engineering is always moving forward though the integration of new technology into our workplace and by attending seminars for the latest design methods. Efficiency here at SSE is the culmination of years of combined experience and constant dedication to refining our design methodology. All of this experience and refinement is used to provide the fastest turn around at the fairest cost to our clients.

Where We Work

Most of the projects here at SSE are located around the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City corridor however, we are licensed in a growing number of states and have been active in projects across the mid-west.

The map shown to the right outlines the states we currently hold an professional engineering licenses. Our licenses are always expanding so please contact us if you have any need of services in a state not shown in the map.

Our Services